Friday, 12 October 2007

Somos amigos Fante y yo

Wonderful stuff! Superb! I had never read anything like it before in my life. Amazing. I got up, spat on my hands, and rubbed them together.
Come on! Who wants to fight me? I'll fight every dammed fool in this room. I can lick the whole world. It was like nothing on earth, that feeling. I was a ghost. I floated and soared and giggled and floated. This was too much. Who would have dreamed of it? That I should be able to write like this. My God! Amazing!
I went to the window and looked out. The fog was descending. Such a beautiful fog. See the beautiful fog. I tossed kisses into it. I stroked it with my hands. Dear Fog, you are a girl in a white dress and I am a spoon on the windowsill. It has been a hot day, and I am hot all over, so please kiss me, dear fog. I wanted to jump, to live, to die, to, to sleep wide awake in a dreamlesss dream. Such wonderful things. Such wonderful clarity. I was dying and the dead and the ever-living. I was the sky and not the sky. There was too much to say, and no way to say it.

Arturo Bandini from
The Road to Los Angeles
John Fante