Thursday, 24 April 2008


'And smell she said'
Outside it's starting to snow
It's getting late
and nothing that
she'd better go
But I'm not leaving here without your heart
and you're falling all around
and you'll be begging me for mercy
and I'll be kissing you to think
I don't know just where these feelings started
but you'd better let 'em go
'cos there's things about me
I don't think I want you
to know
'Drink she said'
'Cos it always blinks out your smile
lose your head
and I'll give you mine
for a while
being human makes me
a little nervous
and I don't think that we should do it
sometimes you terrify me
to my very soul
I'm shaking
Drinking brings me back into your bedroom
And you smell like sweat and liquour
and when you clench your tooth that way darling
it makes me tired again
'And smell she said'
Our web is a lot like our lives
watch it falling
melting as if it's all right
I know that spring's
a fair and fickle season
and if you just keep believing
Then I promise
one day it will pour in all our windows
and then in books I'll press
all the sweet flowers
play in bed for hours
and I'll teach you
to pull symphonies
from all your caterworking
'Love she said'
How everyone not gave it to
they're all gone
and don't let that ever be reborn
'And I say'
You're hurt badly
I want to be loved
and I hear a voice so sweet
Say I'm not a disappointmet
'She says I'm not a failure'
and know how badly I want to be loved
And I hear a voice so sweet
say I'm not a disappointment
I am not a disappointment.

Ravens and Chimes/Reichenbach Falls