Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Hulk! o Gulp!?

THE HULK IS STANDING INSIDE AN OFFICE IN HOLLYWOOD -AND HE DOESN'T LOOK HAPPY. THE TOP OF HIS MISSHAPEN HEAD SCRAPES AGAINST THE CEILING. HIS MOUTH is twisted into a snarl of naked fury. His hands are coiled into twisted fists the size of hams. He looks as if he might, at the slightest provocation, hurl a watercooler through a window, rip a filing cabinet in two, or use a photocopier to splat! everyone around him into jelly pancakes.
Fortunately for the puny of humans milling out, this office is the Los Angeles base of Marvel Studios, and the olive behemoth towering above them merely a 'life-size' cardboard standee. Still, the presence of their beefiest creation glaring down as they go about their business is a constant warning. He doesn't look like someone who will forgive a second failure.
Not that "failure" is exactly the right word to describe 2003's Hulk, Marvel's first attempt at bringing the classic character to the big screen. Visually, Ang Lee's film was a work of art, fusing tour de force editing, nifty comic-book panel effects and shots so beautifully composed you could hang them in the Louvre. Still, at DNA level, something was off...

Exctract from a note from; words: Nick De Semlyen, The Incredible Hulk. Fight Club. Page 66. Empire Magazine, June 2008.

Image Marvel.com