Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sin comerciales

Todo mundo anda tenso con la crisis. Me refiero a la recesión tirando a depresión. Se sienten en el supermercado todos tiesos, arrebatando.
Johnny Sharp en The Guide 28.02.09-06.03.09 agradece este comercial y el escapismo que engaña bonito.

Dice Johnny Sharp en la nota titulada The Hard Shell:

Meanwhile, the Bellamy Brothers' easy-listening gem Let Your Love Flow washes blissfully over you. For this viewer, it's infinitely soothing. Fans of symbolism might argue that the water slide resembles one big fallopian tube. I'd argue it's more to do with a longing to return to age six and live without fear. I used to have a dream where I went everywhere in a large, warm bed on wheels, meaning I could hide underneath the covers if anyone approached who I didn't want to talk to. I imagine a lot of people feel the same way about the bailiffs at present. Now Barclaycard has tapped into this powerful emotion, I can even ignore the voice of my inner Trotskyist, who would argue that this ad is merely a fat shot of opium for the masses which is subliminally telling us "Forget all the evils that the free market has wreaked upon you -just put it on the plastic and enjoy the ride!" Fair enough, where do I sign?